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Kaluwan River Expeditions

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Kaluwan River Expeditions

During the Wet season each year tropical storms meet and often form cyclones off the Kimberley Coast. This results in huge monsoonal rain falls across the equally huge Fitzroy River catchment.

The Fitzroy River is on the Commonwealth National Heritage list as part of the West Kimberley National Heritage Place. It supports an array of aquatic ecosystems of high conservation value and more than 50 state, federal and internationally listed fauna and flora species. These include the freshwater and dwarf sawfish, Prince Regent hardy head (fish), Gouldian finch and purple-crowned fairy wren.

The Fitzroy River catchment spans almost 94 000 km2 which covers more than 20 per cent of the Kimberley region. Annual river discharge measured at Fitzroy Crossing varies from 300 gigalitres (in 1992) to 25 000 gigalitres (in 2000). The average flow is 8000 gigalitres, which is the largest of any river in Western Australia.

There are no guarantees on this trip except one – you are in for the adventure of a lifetime!

Experience –

  • Travel on Australia’s last great wild river
  • Exclusive access to places not open to the general public
  • Aboriginal art sites
  • Cultural experiences with Bunuba, Kija and Ngaranyin guides
  • Wildlife and bird watching
  • Barramundi fishing

“As far as rivers go, I have seen most of the more famous known “wild” rivers including the Murchison, the Franklin, the Gordon, the Nymboida, the Shoalhaven and others but I have not seen any that could match the Bandaral Ngarri for sheer sustained and diverse majestic beauty.

John Sinclair – Go Bush Safaris


7 days / Max 12 guests

From $8200per person
  • Australia’s largest white water River
  • Journey with Ngaranyin and Bunuba Traditional owners
  • Breathtaking scenery and magnificent gorges
  • Experience the Kimberley wilderness during Monsoon season
Booking Enquiry

Next Availability: Monday, February 5th 2024.

Departs From: Broome


Discover what your 7 days might look like on our unique Kimberley experience.

We are building the experience

We are currently organising the details for this tour. Please get in touch if you’d like us to send you a basic itinerary outline.

What We Provide

Kaluwan provides everything you need and want for a relaxing experience. We organise and make all the arrangements for a seamless custom experience. Our equipment includes:

  • Broome Pick up
  • Transport to Departure point, Mt Barnett.
  • Bedding Mats
  • Food
  • Rafts
  • Dry Bags
  • Tent/Mossie dome
  • Cooking and catering
  • Medical Box
  • Cultural guides

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there shopping complexes where I can get things I need? Like chemists for medication.

No. The places we visit are remote and there are no shopping facilities of any kind. However, our safaris start at Broome where you can pick up anything you need for the remote trip ahead.

Is the safari safe? What happens if someone needs medical attention?

We are fully equipped with the latest emergency equipment and if need be can have someone evacuated to a hospital near by.

Bunuba Culture Resources

The Bunuba Culture is one of the longest continuous cultures in the world! Our Bunuba Culture page also has a list of books and references for further viewing and reading.