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2024 SSA Kimberley Tour

The tour provides a unique opportunity to witness a ground breaking remote residential learning initiative, led by Bunuba people. This tour would be of great value to Private and government school leaders, engaging with remote Indigenous communities throughout Australia.

The vision of Studio Schools of Australia (SSA) is simple

To provide opportunity and greater access for Indigenous students across Australia to a unique, new model of schooling for the secondary years.
The model is co-designed and co-led with Indigenous people.

Supported by seed funding from the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA), Studio Schools of Australia (SSA) has built the business case for developing a new “system” of Studio Schools in remote communities across northern Australia. 

In partnership with local Indigenous communities such as Bunuba, SSA will build a “system” of Studio Schools based on the proven success of the of the Yiramalay Studio School in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. SSA provides opportunity and access for Indigenous students across the whole of Australia to a unique, new model of schooling for the secondary years.

The tour provides a unique model of learning which brings together two very different cultures and communities – One Aboriginal with 40,000 years of history in the Fitzroy Valley of the remote outback Kimberley of Western Australia, and the other, SSA.

The education program is immersive and residential comprising academic studies, personal development and work experience. Aboriginal students are prepared for opportunities in employment or further education.

For SSA partner school students such as Wesley college Melbourne, the real life experience of the bush in Australia’s remote outback teaches how much there is to learn from Aboriginal people, their culture and their respect for land.

Excellent tour guide in Joe with an incredible knowledge not only of tradition, country, geographical evolution but also his insight into indigenous life now/for him growing up and his ancestors and the changes in his lifetime what he aspires for the future.

Jane Mackay Jackson


From: July 22, 2024 to July 28, 2024

6 days / Max 22 guests

From $ 6900 per person
  • Learn of the Studio Schools Australia vision.
  • Learn about social & economic development of Bunuba people.
  • Travel to Bunuba Country National Parks, with Bunuba guides.
  • Visit the Yiramalay Studio School.
  • Immerse yourselves into Bunuba Culture

Next Availability: July 22 2024

Departs From: Broome


Discover what your 6 days might look like on this unique Kimberley experience.

Highlights include –

  • Travel exclusively with Bunuba guides through Bunuba country.
  • Visit the Yiramalay Studio School (YSS), managed by Studio Schools of Australia (SSA).
  • Camp in the pre-Cambrian sandstone ranges of Miluwindi, visiting Yuwulurru (Lennard Gorge) and other exclusive places.
  • Visit the ancient beauty of Bandilngan (Windjana Gorge), witness the ancient rock art of Bunuba people.
  • Learn of Jandamarra, Dimalurru (Tunnel Creek) and Danggu (Geikie Gorge).

What We Provide

Kaluwan provides everything you need and want for a relaxing experience. We organise and make all the arrangements for a seamless custom experience. Our equipment includes:

  • 25-30 seater 4WD bus
  • Off-grid camper trailer (for bags and swags)
  • luxury 5 metre bell tents
  • Coleman tents
  • Swags
  • All bedding
  • Access to toilet/shower facilities
  • Cooking and catering
  • Medical box
  • 12v and 240v power
  • Generator
  • Fridges

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there shopping complexes where I can get things I need? Like chemists for medication.

No. The places we visit are remote and there are no shopping facilities of any kind. However, our safaris start at Broome where you can pick up anything you need for the remote trip ahead.

Is the safari safe? What happens if someone needs medical attention?

We are fully equipped with the latest emergency equipment and if need be can have someone evacuated to a hospital near by.

Bunuba Culture Resources

The Bunuba Culture is one of the longest continuous cultures in the world! Our Bunuba Culture page also has a list of books and references for further viewing and reading.