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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to questions about Kaluwan and our unique aboriginal experiences we are commonly asked. If there is something specific you’d like to know and you can’t find the answer here, please let us know in the form at the end of this page.

What makes Kaluwan different from other tour companies?

When choosing Kaluwan, you will have a unique, authentic indigenous experience, on Country, with Joe or Rene, traditional Bunuba custodians. Each safari or expedition caters to the personal needs of each client.

Joe and Rene are highly experienced guides as well as engaging storytellers, who have a vast and detailed knowledge of Culture and Country.

On a Kaluwan safari experience, you have the opportunity to learn about a different culture, while enjoying modern facilities, and immersing yourself in the breathtaking natural environment of the Kimberley.

Where do you get picked up from?

Kaluwan offers a complimentary pick up from most hotels, resorts and other accommodation providers in Broome. While we generally do not pick up from private residences, including AirBnB, we may be able to arrange an alternative pick up at key locations en-route, such as rental car depots or service stations.

What size vehicle do we travel in?

Depending on Individual or group sizes, transport will be via 4WD Vehicles or a 25-30 Seater 4WD Bus

How long do we spend driving?

On all tours, we aim to ensure there is a break from driving and toilet stop at least every two hours. It is important to understand that Australia is a BIG country and long distances are inevitable. Our itineraries are designed to minimise the long stretches of driving and provide regular opportunities to stretch your legs and enjoy the environment!

What are the luggage limitations?

We ask that luggage is kept to a manageable amount in a small soft bag – 15kg max. You can bring along a day pack that you can use as well for additional luggage.

Where can I store luggage whilst on tour?

Your luggage will be stored safe and secure in one of our tour vehicles or trailers.

What camping gear is provided?

We provide all the camping gear you’ll need to have a safe and comfortable experience on country.

As a Single Traveller can I have my own tent/swag?


Are there shower/toilet facilities every night?

We provide on-site shower and toilet facilities every night while on Country. Depending on the experience you are on, there will also be full facilities at one of the resorts/lodges you’ll be staying at.

Do I need to bring my own water?

You will need to provide a large bottle for water – we recommend 1.5 litre. We carry water coolers on all tours, while water tanks are built into the vehicles to refill your bottle during the trip.

Can I bring alcohol along?


Can we buy supplies along the way?

Depending which tour you are travelling on, there are a few stops where you can purchase snacks and basic necessities along the way. We do however recommend you stocking up on anything specific you will require prior to commencing tour as the range is limited.

How can I charge my camera during the tour?

We provide 12v-240v access to power

Do I get mobile reception during the tour?

Mobile reception once you leave the major towns of Broome (Telstra/Optus), Derby (Telstra/Optus), Fitzroy Crossing (Telstra), Halls Creek (Telstra), Wyndham (Telstra) and Kununurra (Telstra/Optus). Mobile access outside of these major centres is only Telstra intermittently.
DBCA is rolling out access to Optus mobile net throughout their National parks such as Bandilngan (Windjana gorge).

Are the trips participatory?


Do I need a good level of fitness?

Most tours are wilderness camping adventures. There is a reasonable level of activity – hikes over rocky terrain and swimming in waterfalls – so you must be reasonably fit and sure-footed in order to participate fully in the itinerary.

What is the age range likely to be of my fellow travellers?

Kaluwan welcomes travellers of all ages. 12 -70 years old The only requirement for all of our tours is that you are reasonably fit, able and looking to enjoy a real outback Australian experience with like-minded travellers.

What walking shoes are appropriate?

We recommend you bring footwear that is going to be comfortable for walking over rough terrain and rocky ground – proper trek boots ideally. On tours that visit Tunnel Creek in the Kimberley, it is necessary to bring a pair of shoes you don’t mind getting wet for walking through water – fitted sandals or old runners are ideal. Thongs are not recommended.

How far is the longest walk?

Depending on what tour you are on, the longest walk is 5-6km return, over rocky, undulating terrain. Some gorge descents can be steep and rocky, though they are generally short.

Can I opt out of any activities if I want to?

Most activities can easily be skipped if you would prefer not to participate – usually you are able to relax under a tree near the vehicle until the group returns.

Do I need to reconfirm my booking?

All bookings are subject to the Booking terms and conditions.

Can I bring children on tour?


What happens if my tour doesn’t meet minimum numbers?

Most tours will depart only with a minimum of number guests. Individual itineraries also show a minimum guest requirement. Tour cancellation by Kaluwan due to not meeting minimum numbers is very rare. However in the event that this does occur, an alternative tour or full refund will be offered.

What happens if my tour is cancelled due to weather and road conditions?

We reserve the right to cancel or postpone any tour due to unforeseen circumstances, such as road conditions, flooding, mechanical defect, cultural considerations or other reasons. In the event of tour cancellation, an alternative tour or full refund for that tour will be offered.

Where can we stay in Broome?

Broome has a wide variety of accommodation options available, from basic camping, chalets and resort style units, to bed and breakfast and private AirBnb housing.

Can I use a CPAP machine on tour?

Yes, you can. However electricity is not reliably available every night so we recommend that you bring a battery pack for your CPAP machine as the best solution. We also suggest bringing clamps to be able to clip onto a truck battery in the event that your battery pack runs out. We also carry a small generator on board.

Do I need Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is essential for all trips, even if you are an Australian. As we are travelling in a remote area, you should ensure you are covered for medical expenses including emergency repatriation at a minimum.

We recommend that the policy also covers personal liability, curtailment and loss of luggage and personal effects.

To ensure you are covered in the event of unseasonal weather and conditions that may cause road and national park closures, please make sure your policy considers costs incurred by any unforeseeable tour cancellations.

Most travel insurance providers do now have insurance for COVID-19 related incidents. It is essential that you seek security in the event that either a) you are diagnosed with COVID-19 prior to or during travel, preventing you from completing your trip or b) you are identified as a close contact and your travel is either prevented or disrupted by government isolation requirements.

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